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Our Life-Driven Planning Process

We have developed a five-step planning process focused on helping you meet specific milestones throughout your financial life.

Our process begins with listening to you, analyzing your situation, circumstances, goals and objectives, and recommending solutions designed to meet your needs. Following the implementation of your plan, we continually monitor your progress against established goals to ensure you remain on track to meeting your objectives.


Your success depends greatly on our understanding of your current situation and goals; therefore we listen carefully to discover your needs so we can identify the best options for your unique circumstances.

Education Planning

After we analyze and assess your current financial situation, we educate you on the vast number of financial services and strategies available.


We share with you which strategies we believe are appropriate for matching your assets and preferences with your goals and financial needs.


Once you are satisfied with the plan we create together, we highlight each step in conjunction with the time frame necessary for completion. During this stage, we fully disclose our fees and clearly communicate all the decisions we make on your behalf.

Active Management

Market fluctuations and changes to your personal or family situation can impact your finances, so we review and monitor your financial strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure you are staying on track.